Watching You Without Me

Watching You Without Me

In the new psychological thriller, Watching You Without Me, Karen returns home to Nova Scotia to close down her deceased mother’s house. But her original plans to put her “250-pound mentally handicapped” older sister, Kelli, in a group home are upended when she meets the charismatic caregiver, Trevor.

The pacing in this book is more like woman’s fiction or even gothic novels than like a modern thriller. It’s more a slow-boil of atmospheric dread than a race to the conclusion. However, the character building is finely honed. Everyone, even the “villain”, only act as a real person would in the same situation. Nothing they do feels solely like a plot device. Unfortunately, I found the conclusion disappointing so 3 stars. If you like slice-of-life literary fiction, you will probably rate it higher.

Thanks to Knopf Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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