The Arrest

The Arrest

The Arrest caused the world’s power grid to cease. No more cell phones, computers, cars, or even planes. It is 1700 again.

When everything stops working, Journeyman and his sister Maddy get stranded at her organic farm in Maine. Little do they know, but their life is about to be upended by Journeyman’s former writing partner, but now super-rich movie mogul, Todbaum. He arrives from Malibu driving a $14 million nuclear-powered car/tank called the Blue Streak.

I loved Motherless Brooklyn so I had to read the latest book by its author. While you have to give the author credit for versatility, I didn’t enjoy The Arrest nearly as much. The writing style was very well done. However, the plot meandered around quite a bit. Usually in literary fiction, there is an overarching point. I didn’t see it in this book at all. Appreciate electricity? Don’t buy all your books as ebooks? I truly don’t know.

Overall, I rate this book at 3 stars.

Thanks to Ecco and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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