Blacktop Wasteland

Blacktop Wasteland

Beauregard, Bug for short, owns an auto repair shop in a small rural town. But what he loves is driving—driving fast. Street racing for money. Driving criminal gangs away from the scene of their crimes. Because the only fun in this Blacktop Wasteland is speed.

Life has hit Bug hard. After turning away from his life of crime—luckily before going to prison, Bug is hard-pressed to pay his business’ rent, his son’s braces, and his mom’s overdue nursing home bill. His only option? To do one more big job with Horace, the person who has already screwed him out of money in the past. Bug needs the money now and can’t afford to wait for better choices. And nothing can go wrong with this job, right?

If a young Quentin Tarantino wrote a book, it would be Blacktop Wasteland. It has the same gritty and realistic feel like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. The feeling of dread and the inevitable failure of both plans and hopes suffuses the book. If you like your thrillers bleak, you will enjoy this book. 4 stars!

Thanks to Flatiron Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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